Wait, what? It’s not really a hotel? No. No it’s not. Stoli Hotel is, in fact, an invitation-only hotel concept party that travels from city to city. Something I did not know when I (and every other New York-based blogger) attended last night.  The concept party currently occupies a 10,000-square-foot warehouse in lower Manhattan. “This is the worst experience I have ever had in New York, ever” exclaimed my guest. Now it should be stated that I don’t usually attend events that are sponsored by Vodka labels or that involve red carpets, velvet ropes and “celebrity” DJ’s. Nor do I understand the concept of blocking off a group of couches and calling it the “V.I.P.” section. Entering the warehouse feels more like entering an underground prostitution ring than a trendy night club. Girls with martini’s and short skirts stroll around acting like Carrie Bradshaw while men twice my age with Bluetooth earpieces chase them down. The “hotel” includes a fake concierge desk, spa treatment room, and an array of different colored “hotel rooms” (beds included.) I was kicked out of the “Red” room because I only had a “Vanilla” bracelet on. “You gotta go to the Vanilla room” said the bouncer as he not-so-politely escorted me out. What?! Bottom line, if you are into the club scene you probably already know about “Stoli Hotel” and you have probably already been there. In fact, I’m sure you somehow got the “Red” bracelet and somehow got into the “V.I.P.” section and have already crossed it off you list of places to go and whore it out. But, to all others out there just now learning of the infamous “hotel”, I do urge you to stay away.