Warner Bros.
In cinemas on 9 May

With a film as glorified and vibrant as “Speed Racer,” entertainment journalists eagerly anticipate the task of coming up with pun-ridden headlines. Headlines such as “Failing with Flying Colors” or “Stuck in the Slow Lane” have already started to flood the blogosphere. I never followed the animated series, but apparently if you did you will be “devastated.” Unfortunately I think “Speed Racer” is already getting a bad rap. It’s easy to start bashing the film that started in the red from the moment it was announced. It’s the Wachowski brothers (who are still in hiding after the conclusion to the Matrix trilogy), it’s based on a cartoon, it’s painted with an overly-bubbly palette, it’s too long, its all CGI, its about a teenage race car driver who’s last name is literally “Racer” and first name “Speed.” Most of these traits qualify as giant red flags to the average ticket buyer. But in its defense, the Wachowski brothers have attempted to break some of the basic movie making rules and that attempt in itself is admirable. Entire scenes are played out like a live action cartoon sequences, the transitions are heavily inspired from comic books (which didn’t work out so well for Ang Lee’s ‘HULK”) and most evident is that they have put no limitations on what is physically possible in the world they have created. At the end of the day, “Speed Racer” is an above-par family film and even if the die-hard speed racers will raise their noses to it, at least kids under nine will have a great time.