Paramount Pictures
In cinemas on 2 May

Finally, the summer can begin! The release of “Iron Man” feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders. It has been more than a year since photos of the Iron Man armor and bootleg Comic Con footage began to leak out on the internet. In that time, we had to sit through an array of Iron Man suited pictures, teaser trailers, full trailers, superbowl commercials, Onion news sketches and Iron Man slurpee mugs. And after all that, how could the film possibly live up to the hype? If you somehow managed to miss any of the aforementioned marketing ploys then let me fill you in on the plot. Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) plays the Bill Gates of weapons engineering who is captured by a group of terrorists and forced to work for them. After escaping, via the Iron Man suit prototype, Stark, with the aid of his assistant (Gwyneth Paltrow) and friend (Terrence Howard) decides to help save the people he has put in harm’s way – all at risk from his own products. And there lies the real heart of the story. Its surprising 125-minute running time is fast-paced, fun and full of Iron Man comic book references that…well, I didn’t get. The only problem is for the non-diehard fans who may find it tough sitting through two hours of footage we have already seen countless times on our TVs and computers this past year.