This months cover of Rolling Stone marks an historic-ish event. It’s the first time Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag have been photographed together in over a year. They could have used the magic of photoshop, but that would have not spawned off an assortment of articles and posts such as this one.

The accompanying article investigates the appeal of the real “show about nothing.” In the online excerpt at, we get a glimpse into the minds of “Speidi.”

“People love feuds,” says Spencer, taking a chomp of quesadilla. “Who were Paris and Nicole before they weren’t friends? That’s when they became superstars. If Lauren and Heidi were friends, people wouldn’t tune in.”

Every rivalry needs its black hat, however, and Heidi, through Spencer, has eagerly, and perhaps too ingeniously, complied. The pair now operate, sometimes to the dismay of MTV handlers, like a MySpace edition of Bonnie and Clyde — courting reporters, vacuuming paparazzi attention, and deflecting Hills hype to outside projects like Heidi’s Heidiwood clothing line and her would-be music career, not to mention her new nose and breasts (“It was the right thing for my life,” she says unabashedly).