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Damn, that’s good.  If you’ve been keeping up with my snarky musings on here, you’ve surely noticed that 2007 was a year in which I steered clear of the drama.  So when I finally sat down to watch “There Will Be Blood” this weekend I was floored.  The 158-minute running time didn’t phase me, nor did all the jokes about milkshakes and “I’ve abandoned my boy!” that have made their way to sketch shows and water coolers around the country.  This is just a great friggin’ film.  And if you’ve never been the type to be like: “Gee, Prudence, I wonder who the cinematographer was on that there oil picture…” – well, you will be that type of person now.  It’s a gorgeoous film in every aspect, especially when it comes to cinematography by Robert Elswit, who won this year’s Oscar for the film. Elswit also shot “Good Night and Good Luck” and “Michael Clayton.”  Oh, and “Gigli,” but hey.  As only a true film can, “There Will Be Blood” tells its story in grand images and explosive performances.  Daniel Day Lewis really is beyond nearly every other working actor today, and his work is always mesmerizing.  The overall sense that you have at the end of this film is that it’s an homage to the great studio pictures of yesteryear, with writer/director, Paul Thomas Anderson letting a little wink and nudge slip out every now and again.  Really, people.  For the last two folks in America that have yet to see this one, I say have at it.  It’s marvelous.