jp (12:12:34 PM): so my friday was a bust
jp (12:12:41 PM): but ended up going to BABY MAMA
mandy (12:13:15 PM): oh really thats funny my weekend was a bust because I was busted from Friday night at Cry Baby so saturday went to guess what…BABY MAMA
jp (12:13:54 PM): sweet.  i just love those girls.  Amy Poehler gets me every time
mandy (12:14:11 PM): I mean she is so freakin cute I could just pinch her
mandy (12:14:13 PM): twice
jp (12:14:26 PM): i’m literally still laughing from the sink bit
mandy (12:14:33 PM): I was really surprised actually oh god me too
mandy (12:15:04 PM): I thought her character was going to be way over the top but really I felt for her
jp (12:15:11 PM): it was really funny, actually.  i forget that Greg Kinnear is so likeable
mandy (12:15:12 PM): She was amazing and stole the film
mandy (12:15:21 PM): I know and he is looking better with age
mandy (12:15:26 PM): heheheh
jp (12:15:26 PM): like a fine wine?
mandy (12:15:29 PM): dont you think
mandy (12:15:31 PM): exactly
mandy (12:15:34 PM): that I want to taste
jp (12:15:37 PM): i think we should have a glass
jp (12:15:46 PM): too bad we have all of America btw us
mandy (12:15:50 PM): sounds good to me it is 5:00 somewhere
mandy (12:16:37 PM): we sure do but in spirit I say yes to an early cocktail.
jp (12:16:48 PM): who was the guy who played the doorman?
mandy (12:16:56 PM): oh god he was so funny his name is
jp (12:17:04 PM): imdb it yo
mandy (12:17:29 PM): Romany Malco
mandy (12:17:46 PM): and you know who I have a little crush on good ole Dax Shepard
mandy (12:17:49 PM): he was great
jp (12:18:07 PM): so trashy
mandy (12:18:09 PM): Romany was in the 40 year old virgin remember
jp (12:18:19 PM): riiiiight
mandy (12:18:22 PM): I know just how I like it reminds me of Georgia
jp (12:18:46 PM): (she sighs)
mandy (12:18:55 PM): Had your heard bad things about it before you went in?
mandy (12:19:08 PM): It got like half a star so I was reluctant
jp (12:19:41 PM): no – but they pushed it so hard for so long – my only beef was that it looked kinda, i don’t know, cheap…like there wasn’t enough money or something
mandy (12:20:00 PM): thats cause they paid all the actors nice cash
jp (12:20:00 PM): didn’t shimmer and shine like “Mean Girls”
mandy (12:20:06 PM): Sigourney
mandy (12:20:08 PM): how funny
jp (12:20:15 PM): totes hilarious
mandy (12:20:17 PM): no way but that was just gold
jp (12:20:25 PM): did you see “Galaxy Quest”?
jp (12:20:28 PM): she was robbed
mandy (12:20:43 PM): No i hear it was funny
jp (12:20:50 PM): you HAVE TO rent it
mandy (12:21:04 PM): I saw Ms Weaver on Regis and Kelly the other day
mandy (12:21:17 PM): she looked awesome and god has she got some chops
jp (12:21:26 PM): you so love regis and kelly
mandy (12:21:42 PM): I would not want to see her in an dark alley
jp (12:21:51 PM): nice
mandy (12:21:54 PM): Yes I do so much Robert Downey was on this morning
jp (12:22:02 PM): okay, lady well I gots to run off and do my Cloverfield review….
mandy (12:22:19 PM): Okay well I have to hit BAGHEAD at the film fest
jp (12:22:32 PM): god i miss tribeca
jp (12:22:36 PM): have a good time
mandy (12:22:36 PM): so I am tying my shoes and off and running
mandy (12:22:46 PM): thanks I will give you the 411
mandy (12:22:49 PM): when I get back
jp (12:22:50 PM): tata for now
mandy (12:22:54 PM): later skater