On Broadway @ The Marquis

The lights of Broadway were shining bright on Friday night.  Going to the theatre had become quite a drag to me.  Nothing has sparked my interest of late and if I did go I would want to leave midway through to spare myself the pain.  After hearing not-so-nice things about “Cry-Baby,” I saddled up for a disappointing show.  The 1990 film, “Cry Baby” was one of those absurd guilty pleasures that you can watch over and over again.  I was hoping that some of the same elements that are inhereint in John Waters films like “Hairspray,” “Serial Mom,” and, of course, “Cry Baby” were going to find their way onto the stage.  Cry Baby Walker is a rebellious teen that carries a rockin’ guitar and loves the ladies. Allison Vernon-Williams is the innocent beauty with a songbird’s voice that has been brought up to stay clean and do good.  Well as we know that is a set-up for disaster.  Right when they hook eyes both of them melt and you know that the two sides of the track are going to cross.  The Drapes and The Squares will do everything in their power to keep the two apart and then the battles begin.  At the beginning of the show even the songs that were so strategically placed to tell you to turn off your cellphones, sit down, and unwrap your candy had that fifities pop feeling and people giggling. There was hope yet.  Right when the show started our faced lit up in the dark as a memory sparked of the familiar.  The cast shined and had unbelievable energy as it was the opening night.  James Snyder (Cry Baby), Elizabeth Stanley (Allison Vernon-Williams) and Harriet Harris (Ms. Vernon-Williams) stood out with spunk and talent.  Its also amazing when supporting roles stand out above the rest, and this is how I felt about Alli Mauzey (Lenora).  By the end,  everytime anyone would see her about to come on stage, the giggles began straightaway.  I walked out of this show with energy and hope.  During the standing ovation you could see people smiling and clapping. A revitalization and enjoyment of good theatre: that’s what it is all about.  “Cry-Baby” brings smiles.