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I must say, I really do love a film that has my jaw open through its entirety.  From the early ad campaigns, I truly liked the idea of “Cloverfield” a lot.  You’ve got that Blair Witch-y-ness about it, there’s the good ol’ pals drinking beer like we’re back on the set of ‘Felcity’-thing, and then there’s a mystery monster on the loose.  All the juicy components are there and it starts off like a buddy comedy and then goes right for the bang.  I was agape and loving it for most of the film, except when those “c’mon now!” moments came up.  I mean, really, does the kid with the camera feel the need to film it all?  I would have dropped that thing after seeing the first tentacle slam through the Brooklyn Bridge.  And then there’s the Army, who are all-too-willing to tell these civilian twenty-somethings the bottom line on the beast and when the calvalry will be arriving.  For reals?  But the whole thing looks so damn good, you let it off the hook for its kitsch – if not for it’s short running time of 1:15 mins.  As for the special features…well, as real as it looks for NYC fire escapes and LES street corners…it’s almost entirely shot in Los Angeles.  Best backlot work I’ve ever seen.  I woulda put money down on the fact that I’ve been to that very bodega.  “Cloverfield” is a good time with fun scares.  Enjoy.