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You know, I really thought this would be the month of Ferras. As it turns out, not so much. Perhaps the hype machine went into overdrive over his single, “Hollywood’s Not America”…it was certainly all over the place prior to the album’s release. Or maybe ‘American Idol’ is to blame. That show latched onto the song as their annual thanks-for-playing number, but it hasn’t gotten much airtime there either. And, let’s be frank, an OBSCENE amount of new music has come out recently, so the market (and by that, I mean my iTunes account) is pretty saturated. I think young Ferras is worth a shot, though. I listen to many a hit single dozens and dozens of times in my car (listening to music really loud is the only practical thing to do with a car, quite honestly). I have yet to grow tired of “Hollywood’s Not America” or a number of his other pop-y, infectious tunes. Take a listen to “Liberation Day” or “Everybody Bleeds the Same” or the more mellow “Take My Lips” for a light sampling. This is one of those albums that drops with a little pop of excitement, but then fades in public perception for a while. As a singer and songwriter though, this kid has the chops to carve out his sound via CW soundtracks and join the company of folks like Gavin DeGraw and Jason Mraz. We’ll be watching.