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In shops on 29 April

It was probably the most-hyped romantic comedy of last year, especially with the lovely Katherine Heigl at the top of her game.  As usual, I avoided the cinemas, and waited to spoon-feed myself this one in the comfort of my own home away from the sticky floors and stupid crowds.  Heigl plays unlucky-in-love Jane Nichols to adorable perfection.  She hearts her boss (Ed Burns) and spars with her sister (“The Heartbreak Kid”‘s Malin Akerman), while deflecting the advances of the guy she keeps seeing at the many weddings she attends in support of her pals – unware that he is her favourite writer from the wedding pages.  “27 Dresses” does not turn the romcom structure on its ear by any means.  It is what it is, and that’s okay with us.  Since we know how these movies are going to go, it all comes down to the cast.  You’ve got to love watching them pine, swoon, squirm, embarass themselves and ask for forgiveness.  It’s got the laughs, the cute cast and the cool soundtrack.  Really, those are the ingredients, people.  This is a good one to watch with some rasberry sorbet on a night when you just know that going out would just end in trouble.  Delish.