It’s the 20th season of The Real World! I know, right? The Real World: Hollywood debuted last night showing off the new cast of alcoholics and rageoholics. There was also a cast member with a warrant out for her arrest too (so Paris and Lindsay).

Details magazine has written up a little article on how the MTV franchise has changed the face of television and possibly even been responsible for the beginnings of social networking.

It’s easy to accuse MTV of letting the show degenerate into a bed-hopping mating game, but the more complicated fact is that The Real World is just doing what it has always done: taking a snapshot of how it feels to be floating between adolescence and adulthood. If the show is fixated on coupling, the New America is too, from the cover of Us Weekly to the latest political sex scandal to the “most viewed” menu on YouPorn. “When you have Tila Tequila coming on afterward,” says Parisa Montazaran from the Sydney season, “it’s boring to just watch people sit at a table and discuss politics.” … The opening benediction for The Real World talks about what happens when people “stop being polite,” but the New America, the land that creates a marathon soap opera out of Britney Spears, lost interest in etiquette a long time ago.

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