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Unfortunately, when I think of Dennis the Menace, the first thing that comes to mind are the terrible live action movies that were made in the mid ’90s.  I forget though that the character of Dennis, from the original cartoons by Hank Ketcham is more like a cute rambunctious Peanuts character rather than a headache-inducing Macaulay Culkin child actor knock-off. The most menacing thing Dennis really did in the ’50s was to dip has father’s pipe in hamburger meat and let the dog chew on it (which is actually pretty clever). Known as one of the most skilled and groundbreaking cartoonists, Ketcham’s complete series of Dennis the Menace, which is being released in one-year volumes, is now getting published. Each volume contains over 600 pages of the adventures of the little tyke that started in the 1950s.