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Had I planned ahead, I would have sent this DVD set (as I often do with horror films) to one of the other JoyHoggers in another city.  Instead, I found myself watching it on a beautifully sunny Los Angeles afternoon while everyone else was at the beach.  I can’t watch horror movies at night…I’m just a big girl that way.  And so I dove in as a fan of Stephen King and Frank Darabont, but not entirely sure what could be quite so scary about mist.  As it turns out, “The Mist” is a perfectly-paced, terrifying cautionary tale about monsters both real and imagined.  And, of course, the fishbowl component of having a slew of small-town characters trapped in one grocery store as danger looms outside proves a great psychological study.  As for the story, just know that somewhere in Maine, some mist rolls in and covers up some who-knows-what, and folks start getting off-ed pretty quickly.  Thomas Jane is the matinee idol of the lot, trying to get everyone (including his young son) out of harm’s way.  Marcia Gay Harden was robbed for a nomination as a fierce Bible-thumper who sees the mysterious event as some kind of penance.  The whole thing is shot like an old-school fear flick by way of a docudrama.  What that creates is essentially a nail-biter with some fantastically creepy creature and special effects.  And then there’s the ending that everyone was on about back when the film first came out.  It’s pretty brave and amazing, I must say.  Pour yourself a stiff one before sliding “The Mist” in the machine.  Follow with “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” or “Clueless” to cleanse your palette and bring you back to reality