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Oh sure, it’s a charming title with a big nudge to to ironic part of every movie-goer, but “Wristcutters” isn’t quite the sarcastic comedy I was hoping for or expecting.  As the opening credits flash by, Zia (played by “Almost Famous” lead, Patrick Fugit) is tidying up his filthy bedroom before slitting his wrists.  And we are then plunged into the almost (but not quite) fascinating netherworld where all the little suiciders go in the end.  With coy little nods to Sartre and the existential crowd, “Wristcutters” takes place in a world where no one can smile, and where there’s an impass between the humorous styles of Shannyn Sossamon and Will Arnett.  It’s all very peculiar.  Sadly, the quirkiness doesn’t quite go far enough to make a lasting impression.  This isn’t like Terry Gilliam or anything – it’s more heady than that.  The source material for this film was a novella, and, honestly, it probably should have remained as one.  Film is just not the right medium for this story.