Move over, John Adams. Oliver Stone’s upcoming movie about President George W. Bush — titled “W” — is almost ready for the cameras. Filming is set to begin in April in Shreveport, La.

The cast:
Bush: Josh Brolin
Laura Bush: Elizabeth Banks
George Bush Sr.: James Cromwell
Barbara Bush: Ellen Burstyn
Colin Powell: Jeffrey Wright
Dick Cheney: EW says Stone wants Robert Duvall

Stone, who has made movies about John F. Kennedy and Nixon, has said that he wants to make “a fair, true portrait of the man.” We’ll see. EW reports that the film was described in an internal positioning statement as follows: “W is the improbable story of a man who went to the White House despite getting fewer votes than his opponent; who became commander-in-chief despite having avoided military combat himself; and who became the least popular president ever elected to a second term. W will shock and surprise you and leave you questioning everything you believe to be true.”