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In shops on 8 April

For fans of Hugh Laurie (and there’s plenty of ’em out there), here’s something new for US audiences.  “Fortysomething” is a six-episode U.K. series from 2003 where Laurie’s character of Paul Slippery plunges into a mid-life crisis.  He can hear peoples thoughts, he stands idly by while his teenage boys have plenty of badonkadonk just down the hall, and he can remember the last time he and his wife had sex.  It’s a peculiar kind of comedy, and one that takes a good episode and a half to get into – but you’ll be glad you did.  His wife (played by Anna Chancellor) is having none of it.  As she gets ready to start a new job for the first time since raising her three boys, her employer packs it up and skips town.  Everyone involved is going through a change of sorts, and a each of the episodes (Laurie directed the first three) take their viewers on a ride through a comedy of errors that’s a little bit slapstick, a little bit dead pan, and a lot entertaining.  For a short series, it ties up the stories very nicely, not leaving you with that feeling of “what happens next?” that many a cancelled series give us.