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Just in case you didn’t catch the two-month promotional campaign which included “Bee Movie Jr.s” on NBC and CG cameo’s by “Berry the bee” in just about any live action talk show or award show, “Bee Movie” is Jerry Seinfeld’s animated movie about Bees. Released by DreamWorks (apparently sick of making Shrek movies) “Bee Movie” is about a young Bee just coming out of college who has to decide what he shall do for a job. After ending up outside the Hive, Berry falls for a human lady (Renée Zellweger) after she saves his life. In typical Seinfeld fashion, Berry just can’t let this kind act go unnoticed and needs to say thank you to the stranger (oh, Bee’s can talk to humans in this world). The first bee words eventually domino to an all out Human’s vs. The Bee’s court battle over proper ownership of honey. “Bee Movie” is pretty fun from beginning to end. It’s got all the Seinfeld-esquq humor (and some cast member cameos) with the same lovable CG animations from any of those other movies. The two-disc edition is full of all those riveting technical facts. 23,000,000 hours to render! Geebus! As well as live action trailers, music videos, and interviews with the cast.