I knew I wasn’t the only guy watching CNBC all day. Ben Stein’s “Invasion of the Money Honeys” in this month’s “Best Life” explains how “business news became the new Victoria’s Secret catalogue.” MH Rule No. 5: “When immense sums of money are being talked about, men want to see women.” The article features photos of Alexis Glick, Jenna Lee and Shibani Jones — all from Fox Business News. Where are the CNBC babes? Stein refers to Maria Bartiromo, “the original Money Honey,” and the “staggeringly lovely Erin Burnett.” But no pics? Did NBC forbid photos? You could do a whole pictorial with Maria, Erin and the rest of my CNBC All-Stars… Melissa Lee, Trish Regan, Becky Quick and Melissa Lee. Maybe they’re saving themselves for Playboy.