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Director David Gordon Green’s new film SNOW ANGELS gives a haunting insight into a small town and intertwining lives that all come to an astonishing halt. Green (ALL THE REAL GIRLS, UNDERTOW) has brought out some of the best performances of these wellknown actors that I have been priveleged enough to see. Annie (Kate Beckinsale) is a woman trying to get by while raising a daughter and also trying to separate herself from her troubled ex husband and high school sweetheart, Glenn (Sam Rockwell). The story also involves a young man, Arthur (Micahel Angarano) whom she use to babysit and currently works with, and her best friend, Barb (Amy Sedaris) at the local Chinese restaurant. Arthur and Annie have a very interesting relationship we, in the audience, are not sure if it’s just a friendship or the intimacy you get from growing together and young puppy love. Arthur has finally met a young girl Lila (Olivia Thirlby), an eccentric classmate who is shy and nervous just like him. During an intimate moment between the two Arthur relveals his crush and admiration for Annie. A dramatic turn takes place when Annie and Glenn’s little girl Tara goes missing and the town comes together to try and find her. The small performances in this piece give it so much depth and humility. Sedaris especially adds that small humor and then brings in the tears when you thought you were in the clear. This film has all elements of an independent hit: deception, sex, abuse, and death. It makes you think twice about how bad it can get. With these beautiful performances and the cast and direction makes it a true film lovers’ wet dream. David Gordon Green has risen, and here is a viewers warning: this film sticks with you.