• Harrison Ford finally puts that ear ring to good use.
  • Will Ferrel continues the “buddy comedy” tradition with “Step Brothers.” Thats all I have to say about that.
  • What! The Rock?! As the toothfairy? HAH! Can I register for tickets yet? (I really hope he does that eyebrow thing)
  • Jay Leno rumored to be earning 40 million a year from competing networks once he leaves The Tonight Show in 2009. No such deal yet offered for Kevin Eubank who will soon have to decide between “Celebrity Apprentice” and the stage at ‘Jakes Steak and Rib Joint’ on thursday nights.
  • Iron Man trailer debuts during LOST. Anticipation to see Robert Downey Jr. on the big screen again easily doubled.
  • Wait, “The Real World: Hollywood“? Keeping fingers crossed for a Real World / The Hills crossover shoot. Those MTV producers are so off the charts.