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Did you know that the word “douchebag” has been around since the late ‘90s?  It’s true.  Sully uses it a few times in the second episode of this first season from 1999.  Every DVD in my collection has a lesson in etymology.  Another ‘huh’ moment is the tense use of a Massive Attack song as Bosco pursues a lone gunman.  For folks who know the work of John Wells, it’s the same song used when Zoe gets kidnapped in season four of ‘The West Wing.’  From the first swells of the theme music, I remembered just how good this show was, and actually kept up with it for many of its six seasons.  Because it’s got cops, firefighters and paramedics, the series allows you to move around a lot and not get caught up in any one facet of the rescue world. There are plenty of great TV actors in this series, including Kim Raver, Eddie Cibrian, Molly Price, Bobby Cannavale and Jason Wiles.  Plus guest spots from pretty much everyone that’s ever been on ‘The Wire’ and Elizabeth Banks to boot. They each play characters that have enough personal stuff going on that we keeping coming back for the next episode and the procedural element is just…well, more good TV.  Totally worth a second look.