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Okay, so now that the Oscars are done and gone, we can fork out our long-overdue DVD coverage of the nominated pictures without speculation or catty commentary.  Everyone went on and on about George Clooney in this film, and it took us some time to sit down to see all its splendor.  From the opening moments, it’s like jumping into a modern-day “Network” where we’re all angry as hell and not gonna take it anymore.  Tom Wilkinson’s descent in this film is just our introduction to a strong, but not overly complex story about a creepy insurance company scam caught in the headlights of America.  Clooney’s understated work will completely seduce you into the delicate folds of this story.  Tony Gilroy’s script and direction are pitch-perfect, and even stronger when you watch it again with his commentary.  Yes, the film and its subject are told through various shades of gray, yet the professional polish, score and editing will bring it all to a head.  And if you’ve not already seen it, perhaps Tilda Swinton’s speech will get you to a DVD shop to do so ASAP.  Oh, and the final scene, it’s just a total gasper and worth the wait.