One of the coolest proposals for a New York City park, is that of the New Globe.  If you’re not familiar, it’s a dream of recreating Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Governor’s Island, where an old military base is the perfect structure to get it going.  The plan has obscene amounts of support, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Woody Allen, Senator Hillary Clinton, Darren Aronofsky, Kate Bosworth, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Moby and about a million others.  Today on Wall Street, however, National Park Services will be sharing their plans for Governor’s Island, which does NOT include the New Globe.  If you ask us (and we like our entertainment, now), this is totally absurd.  Not only would the New Globe be a tourist mecca with a hot gift shop, but it will offer arts education to youngsters, and have fellowships for actors and residences for visiting artists.  This idea is friggin’ brilliant, and you should have a look at this 12-minute doc on the project if you don’t yet believe it.  Then, pick up your quill or Blackberry and get ready for some strongly worded letters.  Dear National Park Services: Wise Up!