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Oh, soapsy, sudsy deliciousness.  I’ve been going on about this series for some time, so you best wise up and have a peek.  This hourlong comedy (with dramatic stories) has a quirky batch of characters – various staffers at a five-star London hotel who are witnesses and participants to the strange goings-on of their guests.  With bold colours, quick quips and interesting storylines, this is a fun late-night companion to post-cocktail carbs.  Sadly, the third season has been pulled from BBC America’s March schedule (they change their minds about programming a lot), but you can at least get a primer with this DVD.  Instead of episodes listed on the DVD menu, it’s floors, starting with the foyer.  Different, I guess, but it’s kind of an unnecessary cuteness.  The show, however, is very cute and very bubbly.  Make yourself a cocktail and enjoy!