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Academy Award Nominee: Best Animated Short

Once the dust clears from the ceremony this Sunday, many of the shorts and documentaries that the general public haven’t had access to will roll out on DVD and online.  Whether or not “Peter & the Wolf” will be among them remains to be seen.  As for the film though, it’s certainly worthy of trophy-attention.  Director Suzie Templeton is a pro at the stop-frame model animation that tells this classic tale once again.  It’s not a story that gets much mainstream play, but it certainly is a charming one for all kinds of audiences.  This 1936 composition evokes so much magic when it’s done well.  This film, however, is far more visual than musical.  The story still comes across with young Peter’s lessons about the animal kingdom striking a chord without much underlining.  Just as enchanting and creepy as a Rankin/Bass holiday video, the animation, being slightly imperfect, is fascinating to watch. “Peter & The Wolf” will always be a great story and this is an engaging addition to its variations.