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Noah Baumbach seems intent on setting his recent films in all the old familiar places. Well, at least my old familiar places like Park Slope, Brooklyn and the Cape. The latter is the setting for “Margot at the Wedding” which stars Nicole Kidman (Margot) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Pauline) as estranged sisters who reunite for Pauline’s wedding to Malcolm (played by Jack Black) at the mother’s dilapidated house on the water. The scene is much like “Squid.” Characters with no filters, broken families that refuse to separate, earthy 1970’s wardrobe and interior décor, and, of course, a good dose of Yankee cynicism and snarkiness. It all feels very independent, what with the hand-held camera business and low-lighting, but it also feels very honest. All the great honesty that Baumbach packs into his script is wedged between flat-out awkwardness like kids leaving bits of dead skin places, biting one another on the face, and confessing to their parents about touching themselves. Totes awkward. Kidman, Leigh and Black (with a nice dramatic performance) are all pitch-perfect in their respective roles. Despite the uncomfortable scenarios and language that the film unveils, it also shows us the darker truth about families. Overall, it’s is a well-made film, but not necessarily one you’d look forward to sitting through.