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I first received the Narnia books from a friend, who had to shuffle them back into their original order of publication.  In this movie-tie edition, featuring a cover that’s the poster for the second film, the order is all over the place.  “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is second and “Prince Caspian” is number four.  Whatev.  The good thing about this edition is that, plucked into the center, is a full-colour timeline which breaks down the whole story.  On top, you see the Narnia years, and at the bottom you’ll see the English years.  So, despite the academic argument over the storyline, this softcover text is a good primer before “Prince Caspain” hits the cinemas on 16 May.  For the trailer and all things beyond the wardrobe, you can keep checking in on (  The movies are a bit more fierce, but the books are irreplaceable classics.