Columbia Pictures
In cinemas nationwide on 22 February

In the past, movies such as this one at least came with the decency of a memorable catch phrase that you could mockingly quote as the credits roll. “We have what we call a Broken Arrow”, or “Get Off My Plane.” Regrettably, “Vantage Point” is packed with all the cheese acting and slow motion camera pans that “Broken Arrow” and “Air Force One” have but none of the fun. The entire film covers maybe 20 minutes of “real time,” in which the President of the United States is assassinated at some sort of anti-terrorist world rally. Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, and Sigourney Weaver lead the cast who see the event through eight different Vantage Points. Each 20-minute installment seems like an episode of ‘LOST’ or ‘24’ – only worse. In fact, the entire movie might have made a pretty interesting 13-episode television series. But for a 90-minute film, by the fourth or fifth ‘rewind’ you could hear the entire audience sigh in unison. Each cast member’s point of view contributes to a bigger piece of the story, which is full of undeserving twists and deceptions and is, unsurprisingly, a let down in the end. I do commend the director for trying something somewhat new (at least to feature films). Too bad it just doesn’t work. Save your $10.50; wait till it hits TNT, which it inevitably will be.