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For Valentine’s Day this year, there was an onslaught of Jane Austen-ness, which is always fun and snarky.  In this film, its the lovely and talented pairing of James McAvoy and Anne Hathaway (she likes to play writers, it seems) giving us the very Pride and Predjudice-y take on the life of young Miss Austen.  Romance and sassy snipes aplenty make this a super-enjoyable picture.  A supporting cast of Julie Walters, James Cromwell and Maggie (“tricky colour, green”) Smith round out the lot.  And let’s face it, we could watch those cats do just about anything.  At the end of the eighteenth century, it’s a charming portrait of the days of proper courtship – you know, before like eHarmony and Missed Connections and stuff.  These kind of movies are great flicks for cold winter nights by the fire.  There’s lots of juicy award-ish stuff coming out on DVD this month, but this is way less heavy.  Add to cart.