In Stores Now –  $14.99

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a pretty big BTTF fan. Big enough to build my own flux capacitor for my bedroom? No… but big enough to display plastic figurines of the cast on my desk. Diamond Select, known for their “mini-mates” (think LEGO people, buy way better) have branched out to pop culture franchises like 24, Silence of the Lambs, and quite obviously, Back to the Future. They sell various sets that encompass all three movies of the trilogy including an “Enchantment Under the Sea” and “1955” sets. My favorite set being from the 2nd film, which includes 2015 Marty and Doc (complete with hover board and stainless steel sunglasses), alternate 1985 Biff, and Marty in disguise. Each one is sculpted by Art Asylum and stands 2” high with 14 points of articulation (if that means anything to you.) These little guys make for a great work distraction. Especially when your trying to disguise a bad movie reviews into sounding somewhat optimistic.