The Spiderwick Chronicles
In Theaters Now

The Spiderwick Chronicles is one of those rare movies that comes out every year that gives you an excuse to go to the IMAX theater. Based on the popular children’s book by the same name, Spiderwick Chronicles is the story of a young boy that discovers a book of his great great grandfathers life’s work which is a complete study of hidden magical creatures that populate the world. The only problem is there is one magical creature, an ogar like beast, that will stop at nothing to get the book and obtain its secrets. It’s not really clear what he will do with it, but the end of life as we know it seems to be the result.
Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) follows in Lindsey Lohan’s footsteps by playing twins but with an American accent. The magical creatures and enchanting world which we are exposed to are whimsical enough for children but don’t quite translate to older audiences they way the Harry Potter does. Unless you’re trying to entertain younger siblings or just looking for an excuse to go to an IMAX movie, you might want to save this one as a last resort.