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“Come on in. Something new and different is cooking at Kate’s place,” screams the back of the DVD. I beg to differ. Kate (Catherine Zeata-Jones) is one of New York’s “top chefs.” Kate is the kind of girl that sees a phychiatrist and locks herself in the freezer and cries. Why? I have no idea – but that’s not important. What is important is the emotional journey Kate begins after taking care of her recently orphaned niece (Abigail Breslin) after her sister dies in unexplained accident. You’re probably already wondering, what is a restaurant going to do when it’s top chef is grieving / getting adjusted to being a parent? Well, hire the goofy, free-spirited Aaron Eckhart to “temporarily” replace her. Seems plausible right? Sparks fly (in more ways then one) when these two go face to face. Luckily, the emotionally damaged Breslin brings these two to see eye to eye.

“No Reservations” isn’t necessarily bad.  It’s just like every other romantic comedy – only without those nitpicky details like character development or logical story arcs. Don’t forget to check out special features though, because Marc Summers takes a visit to the set and you wont want to miss what kind of crazy shenanigans he has in store.