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When people say that they’ve listened to a song seventy times, they are often exaggerating.  I’m so not one of those people.  First off, I’m a big fan of composer John Powell, who has worked with director, Doug Liman before on “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and also did the “Bourne” films.  The challenge with “Jumper” is that the coolness of the story (a kid who globe-trots via teleportation and gets sucked into an age-old war), is that the audience needs to move from one location to the next as if touring Epcot at warp speed.  The first track is the one that I’ve listened to about seventy times.  It’s only a minute long, but throws you head-first into the world of this film.  I’m hard-pressed to describe the overall sound, but jazzy electronica is about right.  You’ve got your horns, your strings, your oohing and ahhing chorus voices (used sparingly) and in the end, it’s quite the ride.  Since I’ve recently become a car person again, I’m thrilled when I get a new CD that I can blast at full-volume as I zip around the streets of L.A. – though I have found myself speeding along as if I’ve got Jason Bourne in the trunk.  Whoops.

The “Jumper” soundtrack totally rocks.  When the film comes out later this week, I’ll be the guy conducting from the audience as I sip my Diet Pepsi.