Summer Glau, who plays sexy machine Cameron on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” on Fox, talked the show’s memorable poster, which features a naked Cameron minus the lower half of her body:

I remember when we were on set and James Middleton, who is one of our producers, was describing this concept to me about this awesome poster. I was going to be naked and I wasn’t going to have any legs, and my guts were going to be hanging out. I was trying to act excited, but I was terrified. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this sounds so scary, and I’m going to be up on a billboard looking like that.’ Then I said, ‘Oh, come on. Let’s just use a picture, a normal picture, maybe Lena holding a gun and that sounds good.’ Then I saw the poster, and I thought, ‘Wow… I understand the concept now.’ I thought it’s really different. I think it’s going to make people wonder. It’s interesting. And I think it says a lot about the show.