• Writers get ready to return to work after a 3 month strike. I on the other hand will continue striking until blogs start making money.
  • Morgan Spurlock searches for Osama Bin Laden by asking drug store clerks and pedestrians in the middle east if they have seen him. Turns out Osama Bin Laden is kinda tough to find.
  • New poster for the new James Bond, “Quantum of Solice” released. Apparently the idea came from a first year photo major. “The shapes are just so powerful”
  • Ben Silverman apparently thinks Friday Night Lights is not worth saving. As a result, fans send lightbulbs to his office to try to sway him. Ironically, those buying GE lightbulbs just make Ben Silverman richer.
  • M.  Night Shymalan’s new movie is about people that unexplainably start killing themselves. Apparently they were audience members of “Lady In The Water.” OHHHHHHHHHH
  • American Idol comes to Disney World. Just like any other ride at Disney, you will wait in line for hours only to leave disappointed lacking any sense of pride or self esteem.