We watched another terrific “Friday Night Lights” episode, the last new one, on Friday So what happens next? Will NBC let FNL finish the second season? Will NBC renew the low-rated critics’ darling for a third season? There’s talk that NBC might move FNL to one of its sister cable networks, or sell the show to another network. There are many TV executives who don’t want the Texas football drama to die, and loyal fans will fight like crazy to keep the show on the air.
EW.com reports that should the writers’ strike end by Feb. 15, the show’s writers could complete the final arc of the season in five or six episodes if NBC gives it the green light. Executive producer Jason Katims says he has no plans to write the final episode as a series finale. “I would do it as a cliffhanger and leave things open-ended unless of course we were told that the show was ending,” he told EW. “But I doubt that would be the case because if they bring the show back to do more episodes this season, they’re also going to be hoping that the show returns for a third season.”