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Many of our favorite film directors have a signature sound that we quickly associate with their work.  For Steven Spielberg, you think of John Williams.  For Tim Burton, you think of Danny Elfman (or, I guess, Sondheim).  For writer/director, Noah Baumbach, it’s a quirky mix-tape that reminds you of the world that he has created with his films.  In “The Squid and the Whale” and now with “Margot at the Wedding,” (which comes out on DVD later this month), get geared up for some Blondie, Dinosaur Jr. and Alice Cooper.  All of the songs hold a strong appeal on their own (each has a very popular ranking on iTunes), for me though, they remind me of being trapped in the backseat of my parents car, not yet wise to the ways of changing the channel.  Much like those backseat-of-the-car songs, however, there are certain ditties that we’ve been similarly coerced into enjoying over the years.  I must say that I do enjoy a little “Romeo’s Tune” by Steve Forbert.  I have some strange guilt about this, not because it’s dated, but rather because it has that easy-listening stigma glued to it’s sound.  Oh well.  I guess a few dweeby discs never hurt anybody.  If you’re not into this kind of music, it’s more than likely that your folks are.