bluestate.jpgMGM DVD
In shops on 12 February

So I feel that the lead character of John in this film is pretty close to me.  He’s a proud, outspoken democrat.  He’s a vegetarian.  He drives a Volvo.  Okay, so I don’t have a Volvo, but I wish I did.  In this little indie (an official selection of last year’s Tribeca Film Festival) he plays a scrappy Kerry campaigner, who, in a drunken state, announces to a local television affiliate, that he’s moving to Canada if Bush wins again.  Well, we all know how that turned out, don’t we?  Getting ready to depart from Seattle and headed to El Norte, he posts an ad looking for a driving companion and Anna Paquin as Chloe fits the bill.  What I’m sure you can gather is that this is a road movie, and there’s nothing better than a good road movie.  It’s a pretty straightforward getting-to-know-you type of scenario, with plenty of interesting exchanges provided by these two characters who can get on very well or not at all.  Writer/director, Marshall Lewy shows that he’s got the chops to pull off this small feature, his first.  Reportedly made for just under $1 million (Anna Paquin is one of the producers), it’s a film that stretches its dollar and makes good production choices (like Nathan Johnson’s music) to get this story told.  This is a great little flick to catch on a winter’s afternoon.