Airing on Monday, 4 February at 10pm.

This PBS documentary about Prince IIbrahima Abdul Rahaman was definitely of historical importance and one I think that could be used for educational purposes in the classrooms of the world.  It follows one story of a man who is captured and put into slavery as he fights to overcome his situation against all odds.  This reenactment, along with key historians who can speak to the time period , tell the story of a man we call “Prince” and his journey to America, captured as a slave.  Unwillingly leaving his family in Africa, he is brought to the states and sold to a family that prospers from cotton.  Only from the guidance of Prince and his leadership skills does Thomas Foster’s fortune grow year by year.  For 40 years Prince worked for the Fosters and made a new family of his own, trying to forget the wife and child he left behind.  Once freed from slavery after many attempts of John Cox, a man he had saved in Timbuktu,  Prince is a man who had made a voice for himself amongst a people without a leader, is going home.  Not only did his next cause become getting his entire family released and sent home, but he had the attention of President Adams and the main players at the time for him to succeed.  Unfortunately after his death, only two of his children had been released from slavery, but his legend will never be forgotten.  I say, let the kids watch this one, as there are not many entertaining (and important) films out there that have historical value following one man with such a strong voice.