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I kind of grimaced when I saw the director’s cut for “Zodiac” in the post bin.  Mandy and I had seen a press screening way back when, and were just not keen on the film with it’s deliberate (read: slow) pace and fine attention to minutia.  If a director’s cut or pretty much any movie comes out, however, I welcome another look.  I’m not sure if it’s a slight-of-hand trick with the “speshul features” or what, but I was slowly sucked into the creepy, methodical world of David Fincher.  The feature, ‘Zodiac Deciphered’ is an in-depth (or as the box says, “exhaustive”) documentary on the making of the film, and one of the main reasons I have a new appreciation for it.  You see the staging of several key scenes, where Fincher pays such painstaking attention to detail that Jake Gyllenhaal jokes about how many takes he’ll do before being satisfied.  The man uproots and moves trees by helicopter for Christ’s sake!  Great insight from the costume designer, book author, Robert Graysmith and the remarkable cast which includes Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey, Jr.  For those of you who already adore this film and rank it among the best of 2007, well, there’s just no need to convince you any further.  For the rest of us, this DVD set makes a pretty fantastic argument to be converted to the other side.