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Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is a funny gal.  Or maybe brilliant is a better word…  It’s rare to see sitcoms where you want to keep going from one to the next.  In it’s first season, “The New Adventures of Old Christine” introduced us to an extremely simple, yet hillarious set of characters and their hum-drum lives which inevitably lead to great comedy.  In the writing room you have a lot of people from ‘Will & Grace,’ plus folks from shows like ‘Grounded for Life’ and ‘Friends,’ who really know how to balance a 22-minute comedy between the punchlines, the gags and, of course, many an awkward pause.  Clark Gregg as the ex-husband and dad is just as dry as he needs to be to let the laughter fall where it may.  Hamish Linklater as the brother/”Manny” is another fun addition to this kooky group of people.  Yes, these are dark times and all of scripted television is in danger (DANGER!), but if the laugh-track sitcom is going to hang on by its fingernails then “The New Adventures of Old Christine” may just have the grip to hang in there.