• In an effort to get LOST viewers back, ABC will re-air an “enhanced” version last season’s 2 hour finale with helpful tips at the bottom of the screen to assist confused viewers.  Not quite sure there is enough room at the bottom of my screen to explain  why these people never wear the same thing twice.
  • The the new Bond movie gets title: “Quantum of Solace.” Should make for a catchy opening title sequence..
  • The internet has a new TV show about “Dorm Life.” Kind of like a scripted version of “The Real World.”     Wait..
  • Oscar nominations were released this week. No, there is nothing wrong with your vision, Norbit WAS nominated for and Oscar.
  • Joy Hog’s 2008 book preview has been released! Now if I could only force myself to get in the habit of reading again.
  • Pepsi releases the first ever commercial targeted towards deaf people. Good job depicting deaf people as rude and annoying.