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This past weekend I sat down with one of the funniest shows to hit television in a long while.  Ricky Gervais’ two seasons of ‘Extras’ which aired on HBO and the recent ‘Extra Special Series Finale’ have all been gathered into a perfect little box set for our enjoyment.  The two short seasons included great appearances by entertainers including Orlando Bloom, Chris Martin, Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller, George Michael and (a personal, hilarious favorite) Daniel Radcliffe as a frisky star with  Mrs. Robinson-syndrome.  So, of course, these episodes were revisited by yours truly, as well as the series finale, which put a perfect cap on the collection.  In the 84-minute special, we see the character of Andy Millman walk away from his broad, blue-collar BBC comedy, ‘When the Whistle Blows’ to pursue a more dignified career in films.  As he ostracizes his best friend, Maggie (‘Ugly Betty’s Ashley Jensen), Millman becomes smug and uppity, ultimately alienating the few good, down-to-earth folks he has in his life.  With a new agent, he begrudgingly goes down the path of TV guest appearances (a huge slug on ‘Dr. Who’) and botched interviews to keep up his profile.  He ends up in the ‘Big Brother’ house, otherwise known as rock-bottom.  And it’s in the final moments of this special, after his fall from grace, that Andy Millman gives us a great speech about the state of celebrity, one that especially resonates in the age of the panty-dropping celebutantes.  Sure, it’s not the uncomfortable funny-ha-ha that the show is known for, but it shows a well-rounded series with a fantastic lead, that we would continue to follow for far longer than this short series will allow us.