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If King Henry VIII had enrolled in Hogwarts, he totes would have been sorted to Slytherin House.  All the serpent-like conniving that goes on in the first season / 10 episodes of Showtime’s ‘The Tudors’ is the juicy, vicious stuff that soaps (well, okay, dirty soaps where people get burned at the stake) are made of.  Yes, Showtime has put some great programs on the air, but few reach the high-end production of this one.  From the costumes to the sets, and even the occasional CGI, this series is completely engrossing.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers leads a fantastic (and, let’s be honest, HOT) cast in this epic retelling of one of history’s favorite playboys.  If you go down the line, you can appreciate the acting work and character arcs of these characters.  You’ve got newcomer, Henry Cavill, Jeremy Northam, Maria Doyle Kennedy as Queen Catherine (a quiet, understated fierceness), and above all, Sam Neill, who outshines all the rest as Cardinal Wolsey.  For my taste, the first season came to a decent close for its characters, but went out in a bit of a whimper in terms of the overall series.  Come 30 March, we’ll be able to see how the second season grabs the reigns and what comes next.  For now, there’s plenty of good stuff worth watching in these DVDs.  It may not be living up to it’s earth-shattering potential, but it’s early yet.