AMC hit the jackpot with its first drama, the Golden Globes-winning “Mad Men.” On Sunday, AMC debuts “Breaking Bad,” its second series, and the reviews suggest it’s got another winner. “Breaking Bad” stars Bryan Cranston (the dad in “Malcolm in the Middle”) as a high school chemistry teacher, who upon learning he has a terminal disease, sets up a crystal meth lab to secure his family’s financial future. It is created by Vince Gilligan, the highly-respected former “X Files” writer and director. Dark and twisted… and wacky too.

“Because of the dark elements, we needed to leaven the show with humor. Otherwise, it would be too bitter a pill to swallow,” Gilligan told “USA Today.” “We’re taking Mr. Chips and transforming him into Scarface. Even at Walt’s [White] worst, when he’s doing things that are basically indefensible, because it’s Bryan Cranston, they can understand