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Last fall, as I was in the middle of the epic and unsettling move from New York to Los Angeles, among the devastations of a life in transit, was missing the release of “Blame it on Fidel!” After settling into LA (if there ever is such a thing), I found the last cinema where it was showing – an art house theatre in a very charming Pasadena alley. I saw the matinee by myself in the middle of the week, and was as happy as can be. Julie Gavras’ film is a magnificent narrative that orbits around a precocious young French girl named Anna (Nina Kervel) during the early 1970s, who wants nothing more than to live the life of a princess. Her world is thrown into chaos, however, when her Spanish cousin and Aunt arrive and the notions of Communism are planted into her parents minds. Mom and Dad are played with great passion and vigor by Julie Depardieu and Stefano Acorsi. They begin to travel to Latin America while the children remain in France, and slowly their lives shift entirely as a wide cast of characters enter their changing home. Young Kervel is the driving force in this picture, a stubborn and clever little thing who is just one part of the exquisite casting on display here.

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