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In case you missed it when I raved about Volume One, here we go again… For anyone who wants a crash course in 20th century world history (that is also very entertaining), you should look no further than this landmark series from George Lucas.  While any DVD set that with a secondary title of ‘The War Years’ may sound immediately off-putting at this point in human history, this one is not as drab as the previous night’s CNN headlines.  Each disc is stamped with the year and location where that particular story is set.  And, as with the first set (and the third, on its way down the pike), each film has a well-crafted documentary attached on the true life backstory.  In particular, please take note of Disc 4: “Oganga, The Giver and the Taker of Life.”  This story has Indy soldiering to the coast of Africa, and meeting German doctor, Albert Schweitzer.  The moral dilemmas that arise as Young Indiana Jones grapples with his mission versus his humanity may be some of the best writing for the series full-stop.  I’m done preaching, just go buy the damn thing.