The laughter.  The tears.  The agony.  ‘American Idol’ returned last night and I would like to apologize to my neighbors who had to listen to it coming from my television through the walls.  It’s the seventh year, so one would think that by now I can skip the first half (aka the train wreck segment) of the season.  But no.  Had to watch the whole damn thing.  The judging is still totally mean at times (though pretty on the money) and the contestants as just as clueless as ever.  How this many Americans have such diluted senses of themselves is completely beyond me.  This country gets scarier every day! Plus, did we really need to see the chest-waxing special?  And, lastly (unless I get angry again), who are these parents that let their kids run out of the room dropping the F-bomb like it’s going out of style?  Not cool.  Even if they blew it or hate the judges…not cool.  Bad home-training leads to crappy kids.