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Apparently the Transformers franchise has a bigger cult following than middle-aged hipsters with Optimus Prime trucker hats and bookshelves lined with rare Decepticons. “The Art of IDW’s Transformers” unearths those few brave artists with guts enough to draw block-like two-legged transformed airplanes. Who would have guessed that a Hasbro toy line / children’s cartoon would serve as inspiration for someone’s highly detailed oil painting? While I may not be a diehard enough fan to really appreciate these works, I certainly admire any artist who will distract me from watching ‘Newport Harbor: Home For the Holidays.’ The book compiles the works of transformer fans such as MD Bright, Ed McGuiness, Alex Miline (who did some concept art for the film) as well as many other artists that probably have comic book cult followings that I don’t know of. While most of these works probably wont ever see the soft fluorescent spotlights of any museum in the near future, the rendering quality and composition of most of these works are worthy enough for any dorm room / 1st apartment.