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Let’s be frank, MTV has made a lot of poor programming choices over the last couple years. “The Real World” went south years ago, after the housemates stopped being nice, and started becoming alcoholics. And shows like “Next” and “Parental Control” only continue to be aired because they cost about $40 to produce and people are just fascinated by how disgusting their peers can be. But if you dig past the shows staring sexually starved 20-something’s and their mothers you will find possibly one of the finest reality shows on television. Staring the “modern day odd couple” Rob & Big may be some of the most endearing characters on reality TV. Rob, a professional skateboarder, and his security detail, “Big Black,” have been best friends for years and the relationship on screen is genuine (and so is their love for their animals). Accompanied by their dog, “Meaty” and their Pony, “Mini” the two spend their days getting into the usual shanagans that people get into when they have too much time and money on their hands. But unlike other certain reality TV shows that shall remain nameless, the reality of this show somehow seems authentic. The DVD includes all sorts of bonus features, deleted scenes, and all the rest of it. Season 3 is currently airing on MTV as we speak!